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  • What’s the ?

This website aims at referencing a great number of restaurants in Reunion Island. It has been created by a group of friends enjoying having lunch and dinner together quite regularly. The idea is to share with you the good places we like and discover.

Each restaurant gets an overall mark corresponding to the average of four marks we attribute to:  setting, service, meal and  value for money that come along with a commentary.

The opinions you can read on the website are non-professional opinions. We are ordinary people and we do absolutely not consider ourselves as culinary critics.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and that you will discover great places to eat!

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  • How do we classify our ranked restaurants  ?

The different establishments we mark are classified into 3 categories :

  • Restaurants
    This category gathers traditional and gastronomic restaurants. In this category we expect good food, good service and a nice setting… if possible at a good price.

  • Brasseries & Cie
    In this category you will find brasseries, terraces, cafés, beach restaurants where you can eat nice food with friends or family during lunch break or for dinner without spending a lot of money.

  • Snacks & Cie
    Fast-foods, snack-bars, sandwich shops… are what you will find here in this category. We won’t, of course, add to our website the famous fast-foods we all know… but instead, some places you will find rare and original meals.

Generally, you are going to pay more in the restaurant category than in the Snacks & Cie one… but it’s not necessarily the case.

  • How are the restaurants on the website marked ?

We are not professional culinary critics but we try to do the job seriously. For that purpose we have created a rating system including over 50 criteria bringing together the setting, the meal, the service and the quality-price ratio.

This exhaustive list of criteria gives us the possibility to make a rigorous selection of all the restaurants we go to. Besides, this tool gives us more objectivity when we give marks or comments.

About the marks, this is how you should interpret them :

6 /10 to 7 /10 : Good
7 /10 to 9 /10 : Very good
9 / 10 to 10 /10 : Exceptional

The way we give marks varies according to the category of establishment we are eating at. It’s impossible to give a mark to a gastronomic restaurant and to a sandwich bar with the same criteria.

However, our rigorous rating system must not mislead you : 6 /10 is a good mark to us ! It means the meal, the service, the setting and the quality-price ratio is correct. Moreover, we cannot taste all the dishes at once… sometimes we may be lucky… sometimes not.

To conclude: it all depends on what you are looking for: a cheap place to eat (good value for money), a delightful meal, a spectacular setting, or a service of good quality. Whatever you are looking for, you are going to find it on our website.

Les, votre guide des restaurants à l'Ile de la Réunion. 974

What’s “The Gourmands” label ?
And why ?

The Gourmands label is an identification element which ensures the quality of a restaurant, brasserie or snack with regard to its setting, its service and/or its dishes.

This label is the insurance to enjoy a good service, to taste a delicious dish and appreciate a pleasant setting.

Thanks to our rating system, containing more than 50 criteria, we can approve or not establishments referenced on this website.


  • How to obtain “The Gourmands” label ?

Some simple criteria must be necessarily met to obtain “The Gourmands” label.

  • Getting a minimum mark of 5/10 for the setting, the service and the meal.

  • Getting a minimum average of 6/10

However, sometimes a restaurant answering to all these criteria is not approved with “The Gourmands” label. Why? Indeed, some criteria in our rating system are eliminatory.

These criteria are, among others, the following ones:

  • A wait of more than 20 minutes before the menu or the dish of the day is shown.

  • Dirty and not maintained toilets.

  • Rude staff (Neither “hello”, nor “ Thank you”, nor “Goodbye”)

“The Gourmands” label is not given on a subjective opinion. It is exclusively based on our rating system.

And what about the restaurants which have not obtained the label?

It’s not because a restaurant did not obtain the label that it means it’s bad, far from it. Non-approved restaurants are nevertheless on our website and they are addresses we encourage you to discover as much as approved establishments.